Cinema Craft Encoder SP3 Retail (+ Portable)

Cinema Craft Encoder SP3 Retail (+ Portable)
CINEMA CRAFT ® Encoder SP3 (CCE-SP3) is a MPEG2 software encoder that enables you to create the ultimate level of picture quality at high speed. There is a growing need for much higher picture quality in DVD production industry.

In addition to CCE-SP2, CCE-SP3 includes “CINEMA CRAFT ® Xtream” (CCX) encode engine that is highly rated by many compressionists around the world and has been utilised to create a considerable number of DVD titles.

OS : Windows XP/Vista/7 (x86/x64)


– Sophisticated Motion Estimation
– Automatic Field-based Scene Change Detection
– AAGS: Advanced Adaptive GOP Structure
– AAQM: Advanced Adaptive Quantize Matrix
– VMPE: Virtual Multipass Encoding
– Multipass encoding
– Easy and flexible Inverse 3:2 Pulldown with i32 file

Encode engine enabling high picture quality CCE-SP3 includes Virtual Multi-Pass Encoding ,Advanced Adaptive Quantize Matrix and Advanced Adaptive GOP Structure. The latter features can automatically optimize for the best quantize matrix and GOP structure for each GOP.

Changes in Version (2010/07/06)

– [Add] Changed so that when more than one source file are listed in the source list, two marker lists, one for each source file, and the other for all sources are shown.
– [Add] Changed so that frame number, time and time code of the frame viewer currently shown are displayed.
– [Add] Changed so that viewer can directly move to the frame specified by user.
– [Add] Changed so that custom template can be specified when adding a new item.
– [Add] Changed so that source files can be specified to command line parameters.
– [Add] Changed so that source files can be added directly to item list.
– [Add] Added source file properties window.
– [Add] Modified so that offset timecode can be set for each source file.
– [Add] Added shutdown option that is invoked when encoding is finished.
– [Change] In marker list, timecodes will be shown instead of time.

Product page

Download Cinema Craft Encoder SP3 Retail (+ Portable) | 11.7 MB

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